I’d be short on words to tell you just how awesome this family is. Thank you for a fun morning I had such a fun time with everyone!



When we heard that UBER was coming to Orlando to be totally honest I had no clue what to expect or just how this would work or even blend into our lifestyle. I had a basic idea of what UBER was but I still had to go to their website and educate myself more about the company and how they provide transportation and after knowing more I was pretty excited to try this out! So here we go it’s the 4th of July a perfect day not to drive and enjoy the company of friends and not worry about getting behind the wheel. I downloaded the iPhone app and registered my information, so far super easy. I open the app and the first FUN experience was seeing all of the available cars on the map moving in real time on my phone…that my friends is super cool, fun! You can even watch in real time your ride heading your way and they text you when they arrive so no need to chicken neck all night long waiting for your ride!

Looking more at the app the information provided also gave me an ETA for arrival, very nice. Ok, so lets get a ride. I tap the icon to get an UBER ride and within five minutes we were picked up by a very polite woman named Cheryl. The app even provides the type of vehicle and license plate number and a photo of the driver. Cheryl arrived and already had the destination in her phone that I provided in the app and we were off; fifteen minutes later we arrived at our destination. Once we arrived Cheryl tapped her phone and sent me a notification of payment and we were done. No hassles just easy conversation and we made a new friend along the way. My opinion about UBER_ORLANDO.

This simply blows away the old fashoined experience of calling a taxi cab!